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British Columbia is a province rich in wildlife and hunting history. The province is almost one million km2 (385,000 miles2) and home to 18 of the North American 30 big game species. Since the mid 1800’s, the world’s hunting fraternity has known that BC was home to some of the world’s most magnificent big game populations. From mountain-tops to valley bottoms, rivers and lakes to grasslands and lush forests, BC has quality habitat for wildlife in which to thrive. This helps produce quality big game populations throughout the province. In BC guide outfitters are licensed with the exclusive rights to guide non-resident big game hunters in their specific territory. Therefore, they have immense knowledge of the wildlife populations where they guide. All outfitters are insured and bonded. Most outfitters are members of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) and follow a Code of Conduct. We hope you “Book Your Hunt” with a GOABC member and your hunting dreams come true.

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Remote Black Bear 1:1 Hunt

Remote Black Bear 1:1 Hunt Canada

Spring black bear hunting starts in mid May and runs until the end of June, when the bear's coats are in prime condition. The bears range in size from 6' to 7 ½’. Losing up to 1/3 of their body weight over the winter, these bears can still weigh as much as 400 lbs. Success on the spring bear hunts is typically 100%. The hunts from our Babine Lake camp also offer fantastic fishing at this time of year for big rainbow and lake trout. In the spring the bears can be seen feeding on the fresh green grass in the various logging blocks and roads of Northern BC. It is these clear cuts and side roads that green up first in May & June. The bear hunts are done from a pick-up or by walking. It is not uncommon to see more than 20 to 40 bears on your 6-day hunt. We have a great location with a tremendous number of big bears. This part of our area has not been hunted much in the past decade. The Babine Lake Camp is accessible by road from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. After one night at the Hotel in Prince George we will pick you up and make the 5 to 6 hour journey to Babine Lake Camp. The accommodations are in cabins situated in a spacious clearing that also has a large field optimal for sighting in rifles and touching up on archery. Waiting for you is a nice hot shower setup waiting after a long day of stalking bears. The roads, side roads and logged areas offer some first-class bear hunting for rifle or bow hunters.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 14 May 2020 16 Jun 2020

$5,200 for 1 hunter
Mountain Caribou Hunt 2020

Mountain Caribou Hunt 2020 Canada

Without a doubt our Mountain Caribou hunt is among the best in B.C. They can be hunted as Single Species or We can add them onto most of our hunts. In September the Caribou come from miles around to rut in our area. Hunters wishing to primarily target caribou can expect to see 300+ in a normal hunt. Even as an add on to our Moose hunts most hunters see between 30 – 50+ a day. Bulls harvested during the rut average between 320-380 honest B&C points with a couple bulls close to or exceeding 400 mark each year. Most of our bulls have beautiful white manes, with white markings often running all the way back to the hip. The success rate on our Caribou hunts is usually 100% and even as an add on to a moose hunt most hunters take both animals. Caribou are hunted by horseback and a few by Backpack for the right client; we typically ride to several vantage points each day until we find a bull that you like. In the meantime we will see lots of these amazing animals which will often come within 30 yards of our horses, making for some great photo opportunities. If Harvest fees are required you will need to pay these BEFORE you go to camp. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Certified Bank, or Cash only) In the past we have had issue with this and trusting some (what we thought) were solid guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. 2 x 1 Price $15,500 May 1st the year of the hunt final balance is due.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 20 Aug 2020 15 Oct 2020

$13,000 for 1 hunter
Spring Black Bear 2x1

Spring Black Bear 2x1 Canada

British Columbia is home to between 120000 and 160000 black bears, which is approximately 1/3 of the total Canadian population. We operate in the Robson Valley which is known as some of the highest density bear habitat in British Columbia! To the hunter these numbers mean nothing but the past success of your outfitter does and it’s unlikely that you will find a black bear hunt with higher success in British Columbia than what we have proven here since 2007. Dense old growth forest, thousands of acres of blueberries and huckleberries and salmon streams in between, everything but the rocky peaks in our 1500 square mile territory is prime bear habitat. Black Bears can be hunted with high success in spring, summer and fall, so even if black bear isn’t the reason you are hunting with Rocky Mountain Guide Outfitters; it’s a good idea to have a tag because you are probably going to see one.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 15 Apr 2020 30 Jun 2020

$3,800 for 1 hunter
British Columbia

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