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Rick United States 6.7 of 10
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Horse gone wild!

I liked how hard the outfitter and guides worked to keep us fed and comfortable. The country was beautiful. I like how they took care of me after the horse threw me and broke my wrist. They got me to town and got me fixed up and got me to the airport and got my partner and all my gear out. My partner stayed and hunted the whole hunt and said they never stopped working hard to try to get him an animal. We had 12" to 15" of snow the first two days and record cold. They did what they could under the conditions!

I didn't like the fact that my horse threw me on the second morning that we could hunt and broke my wrist. (That's a given) The horses got wrapped up on the way out and my stock got broke on my gun.

Reliable Good value for money Useful

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